Learn about the key CBDC design criteria based on G+D Filia’s unique approach

In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s essential to provide citizens with a secure and reliable form of digital payment that can be used by everyone, anywhere, anytime. A central bank digital currency constitutes a digital form of public money.

G+D’s unique and innovative CBDC solution Filia® has been designed to be as close to cash as possible. This guarantees the provision of outstanding security, high availability with no single point of failure, and the ability to truly balance privacy and transparency. Additionally, G+D Filia® is capable of performing secure consecutive offline payments without any connectivity.

Get the whitepaper to find out more about:

  • design criteria for a CBDC
  • underlying concepts for G+D Filia and details of the CBDC ecosystem
  • the Filia protocol and the components of the core system

Ready for an interoperable CBDC solution that provides a pioneering programmability solution?
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Start you individual CBDC journey today!

Key questions around CBDC yet have to be answered like: How will a CBDC ecosystem look like, how will it work within our current cash cycle? This is where the Filia Sandbox comes in.

How to start your individual journey towards a retail Central Bank Digital Currency

G+D offers an individual experimentation package consisting of a thorough training program, interactive workshop sessions, and access to our CBDC sandbox. The Filia® Sandbox allows central banks to test our solution in a secure, scalable, and resilient environment.

With the fully hosted and managed Filia sandbox environment you can:

  • trial the distribution of CBDC
  • trial end-user transactions – online and offline
  • test POS applications for merchants
  • monitor the core system and glimpse into various levels of privacy