As customers, regulators, and investors expect more, “phygital as a service” platforms will help banks deliver the modern, efficient services they need.


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  • How phygital-as-a-service can enable a faster, more flexible approach to banking and payment processes and solutions so issuers can launch the right product—at the right time.
  • How a more flexible approach to issuance and payments can help banks and fintechs pivot to a growth-focused approach, while remaining fraud-smart.
  • How phygital-as-a-service can help issuers embed sustainability through every part of the payments and banking journey.
  • How adopting a more flexible, customer-centric mode can enable wider access to services, making payments more accessible for everyone.
  • How creating a sophisticated, prestige onboarding, issuance, activation, and usage experience can help issuers attract the lucrative premium
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