Phygital and the consumer: What the emerging model of banking means to your customers … and how they are driving it

The G+D whitepaper “Opportunities in the phygital landscape: a guide for the forward-looking financial institution” created a great deal of market interest among both traditional branchbased banks and online-only “neobanks”.

Many liked the way it made sense of this fast-changing sector with an easy-to-understand model – six “megatrends” in the market, with four “success strategies” for making use of them.

As a result, we asked research specialists GlobalData to add some color and detail to that model. In Q4 2021 they conducted an in-depth survey:

  • 26 banks across the Americas and EMEA
  • 45 interviews annotated and summarized
  • 14 informative charts and graphs compared
  • Over 30 top-level findings noted

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