Learn how intelligent automation goes hand in hand with efficiency and sustainability

NatWest is a major player in the United Kingdom’s Note Circulation Scheme, which guarantees cash availability and quality. In 2017, NatWest streamlined processes by a combination of systems that seamlessly complement each other: BPS® M5 with NotaTracc® loading module and NotaTracc® trays.  

The results have been impressive, and efficiency has improved dramatically.  NatWest experienced a 20% throughput increase and now processes 1.5 million pounds per hour on the BPS® M5 with NotaTracc®.

Read the case study to learn how NatWest achieved:

  • 15 minutes of uninterrupted high-speed processing of banknotes
  • 50% reduction in load for the manual reconciliation process
  • Increased sustainability by eliminating single-use plastic bags for cash transport
  • Less stress for operators and improved ergonomics
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