A vision turns into reality

Hands-Off-Cash: a tray allows for automation and logistics optimization to an unseen level

Cash processing without manual intervention is less than a stone’s throw away. As of today, banknotes no longer need to be packed and unpacked, prepared for processing, and manually inserted into processing systems. The case of GSA Geldservice Austria and LOOMIS Austria shows how such time-consuming manual process steps can be eliminated with the help of automated systems such as NotaTracc® by G+D Currency Technology.

Explains what the NotaTracc® system is and how it can be deployed, not only in cash centers, but in cooperation with partners as well.
Shows how the NotaTracc® tray in particular links cash automation and cash logistics securely and efficiently.
Compares traditional operation at GSA and LOOMIS with the new collaboration through NotaTracc® system.

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